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Field Trip (Form1) to Principal

Field Trip (Form 2) to Central Office

Field Trip Permission Form

Lesson Plan Template

Media Request Form

Student Textbook Control Form

Discipline Referral Form

Action Plan for Most Missed Standards.docx


Problem Solving Team

Educational Websites

Neo K-12: Great science resource but also has social studies and a little math and grammar; includes activities, worksheets, quizzes, and games

Great resource for math games.

Teachers' Page

Company Points Tally

Awarding Points

Teacher Dates

Teachers' Handbook

The Mt. Olive Intermediate School's on-line handbook contains the school's guidance on the topics listed below, as well as links to the Russell County School District's Employees' Handbook and blank forms when appropriate.  In the Table of Contents, below, click on items shown in blue to go to the school's and district's guidance on that topic. 

Table of Contents

I.  Introduction

     a. Mission Statement

     b. Vision

     c. Beliefs

     d. Faculty and Staff

     e.  School Calendar

II.  Instruction & Clasroom Management

    a. Accelerated Reader

    b.  Attendance

    c. Bell Schedule & P.E. Class Schedules

    d.  Cafeteria, Food in Classrooms, Lunch Schedules

    e. Discipline Ladder & Detention

    f. Field Trips

    g. Grades, Progress Reports, & Report Cards

    h. Homework

    i. Lesson Plans

    j. Lesson Plans for Substitutes

    k. Make-Up Work & Extended Student Absences

    l. Media Center & Computer Labs

    m. Movies & Other Media That Is Not Provided by the School

    n. Positive Incentives

    o. Textbooks

III.  Relationships with Parents of Students

    a. Communications with parents

    b.  Visits by Parents during Instruction

    c.  Room Parents and Other Volunteers

    d.  Parent Partners Association (PPA)

IV. Personnel Rules & Standards of Conduct

    a. Duty Hours & Documentation of Work Hours

    b. Teacher Absences

      (1) Sick Leave & Personal Leave

      (2) Detached Duty and Professional Leave

    c.  Teacher pay Procedures

    d.  Grievances

    e.  Discipline for School Board Employees

    f.  Outside Employment

    g.  Dress Code

    h.  Cell Phones