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You may check your child's grades anytime by clicking on the link, above, which will take you to a page that says, "There is a problem with this site's certificate." Click on, "Continue to ...more



Ft. Benning MWR

If you are a military family with a spouse deployed overseas, and you are having problems coping, click on the MWR link, and it will take you to the Ft. Benning MWR webpage where help for almost any family or financial problem can be found.

Ft. Benning MWR


Alabama Continuos Improvement Plan 2016-17

School Wide Plans

Parent Invovlement Plan and Parent Compact

Click the links below to access the Parent Involvement Plan and Parent Compact for the 2016-17 school year:


Parent Involvement Plan 2016-2017.pdf


Parent Compact 2016-2017.pdf



Supply Lists 2016-17

Breakfast & Lunch Costs


        Students Reduced Price = $0.30;  

         Full Price = $1.05;    Adults = $2.05


        Students Reduced Price = $0.40;

        Full Price = $1.70;    Adults = $3.40

Chef or Fruit Salads

       Students Reduced Price = $0.40

       Full price = $1.80         Adults = $3.40



School Improvement Plan & Budget

MOIS Car Riders Pick Up Plan

Picking Up/ Dropping Off Children from MOIS

For MOIS car riders, these are the procedures.

a. The vehicle picking up a child MUST display in the right windshield an “MOIS Car Rider” ...more

Discipline Procedures

"Well, Sandra's son was arguing, too, and he only got a warning, but my kid got detention, and I want to know why!"

For all but the most serious unacceptable behavior, the MOIS Culture ...more

MOIS Event Calendar 2016-2017

2016-17 Student Calendar

Title I Meeting Information

New Textbooks

Click on the link below to see the basic information, including ISBN's, for the textbooks that were adopted this year.


What is PPA?

MOIS Parent Partners Association (PPA) is similar to PTA. It exists to:

1. Provide support to our children at school.

2. Facilitate free and open communication between the school and parents.

3. ...more

Pay for Your Child Lunches on Line using PAYPAMS

The Child Nutrition Program recently switched from "My Lunch Money" to "PAYPAMS" to pay for your child's lunches.

Steps for setting up an account so that you can pay for your child's lunches on line ...more

What Is Accelerated Reader (AR)?

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a internet based, national program that helps children improve their reading skills.

At school, children take a diagnostic test that identifies each child's current reading ...more

Parent Partners Association (PPA) Officers

President-Molly Ritterbeck
VP/Membership Coordinator-Ashley Tarr

Secretary/Treasurer-Fawn Miller