What Is Accelerated Reader (AR)?

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a internet based, national program that helps children improve their reading skills.

At school, children take a diagnostic test that identifies each child's current reading grade level and gives individualized recommendations to raise the reading level.

Most of the MOIS library books, as well as tens of thousands of other children's books, are listed in the Accelerated Reader data bank.  Each AR book has its reading grade level identified, as well as a number of points that a child will earn for reading the book.

 Teachers assign each child a number of points that the child should try to earn during a report card period.

Children read books and then take an on-line test to determine if they read the book effectively.  If a child passes a reading test, the number of points that the book was worth is added to the child's AR record.

At the end of the school grading period (report card periods), children receive rewards for earning AR points.