Discipline Procedures

     "Well, Sandra's son was arguing, too, and he only got a warning, but my kid got detention, and I want to know why!" 

      For all but the most serious unacceptable behavior, the MOIS Culture Committee has developed five measures that must be applied in sequence.  They are called, "The Discipline Ladder," and their purpose is two-fold:  first, to modify bad behavior by applying a series of increasingly severe responses to continued unsatisfactory conduct, and second, to make sure that children are treated fairly. Please note: "fairly" does not mean that everyone gets exactly the same punishment for the same action.  If one child has misbehaved many times and has had many opportunities to "mend his ways," and this is the first time that a second child has misbehaved, it would not be fair to treat the two the same, even if what they did was exactly the same. 

     What action the teacher takes in response to misconduct depends on how many times the student has misbehaved in the past.  First time offenders get a verbal warning, while someone who has broken the rules three times in the past will get detention.  Of course, if a child does something that is so serious that Board policy or State Law require the principal to intervene immediately, then the steps in the discipline ladder may be skipped.

     Once a child reaches step 5, "Office Referral," the principal takes over from the teacher, and applies her own series for actions which are based on the severity of the offense, but also are generally sequential from least severe consequence (Parent Conference) to most severe (referral to the District Discipline Committee for possible expulsion).

     Alabama State Law places primary responsibility for making children behave in school on a child's parents, but obviously, teachers and administrators play an important role, too.  By working together, parents, teachers, and administrators create the best chance that a child's unacceptable behavior will be eliminated, and the child will learn how to behave properly, not only in school, but also in the work place after their school years are behind them. 


The MOIS Discipline Ladder

1.  Verbal warning

 2.  Consequence   

3.  Parent contact  

4.  Detention           

       5.  Office Referral